New furniture

by analogkidanalogkid 18 Aug 2010 17:54

I finally got me a Paul Reed Smith … and boy … it is everything theyll make it out to be … and I tend to concur … the tone is stupendous … no matter what you play, a PRS will support … theres really no other way I could put it … it is a fine instrument a PRS is …

Ministry OF Blues@Take5

by analogkidanalogkid 01 Aug 2010 05:43

Quite a blast last night! Ministry Of Blues playing Take 5 … Almost the usual setlist … but as always fierce performance!! Loved the slow blues jam with ArtZen, great guitar player and instructor from Germany … what soul in his blues singing! Also in the audiences was Praveen David, another wonderful guitar player from Bangalore … wish he had joined the jam … that wouldve been something!! Waiting for the next Yello show …

Vapor Trials are back ...

by analogkidanalogkid 19 Apr 2010 15:31

After almost 4 years, my old Rush Tribute band "Vapor Trails" is back together … soon we shall churn out painfully long songs Rush are loved for …

Queen Illusive lyrics (WIP)

by analogkidanalogkid 19 Jan 2010 09:18

The ice in her glass has melted,
She hasnt had a reason to smile
so she starts to gaze out the window
For a clearer sky, and in reply, its been raining

The walls in my room are comforting
I havent had a reason to frown
so I start to look,
For a duller afternoon, but very soon, she arrives

Queen! this is my court and you are convicted
Crime! bringing the filth of my past is blasphemous
Guard! let him see nothing but hate and disappointment
Hail! Merciful Queen my just-ice-be-done!!

Grabbing her mind, her demons remind her of horrors she'll befall
Running to her past, Queen Illusive on her throne in the hall

Queen! how can that be your immaculate decision
Please! careful in weighing my simple intentions
Shell! how can i make you see through this conundrum
Strength!! must keep my belief from falling apart

My love has gone against me
My lady cant I be spared
Cause all that I ever did was cared

"There is hope still, there is hope …"


NH4 was judge ...

by analogkidanalogkid 20 Oct 2009 15:09

Nice show in Belgaum couple weeks ago, where NH4 were judging the Battle Of The Bands. Was a great show … NH4 opened … so that the competing bands would get good sound … apparently not :( … all the same, it was great to see the guys totally rocking out!! congratulations "Bleeding Truth" … I missed their set, but the look on my judging bandmates' faces said it all!! Cant wait to come back to the hometown and rock out with new found talent back there … maybe soon …


by analogkidanalogkid 02 Jul 2009 11:15

So after some nice jams and practice sessions, we finally played the show in the hometown. This was the setlist:

"Billy Jean":
Rahul and Akshay played a juicy rendition of the Michael Jackson song with Akshay playing acoustic guitar and singing in his awesome voice, and Rahul playing driven fills and singing a mean harmony.

We had Tanisha singing Meredith Brooke's "Bitch" with the rest of the band. Tanisha is a very talented singer and has a naturally high pitched, smooth voice. Looking forward to jamming some more with her.

"Smoke On The Water"
"Living Loving Maid"
"Rock N Roll"
"Coming Back To Life"
"Summertime Blues"
"Come Together"
"Day Tripper"
"Can I Play With Madness?"
"Rocka Rolla"
"Wind Dance With Fire"

Right after "SOTW", my DI box started acting up and the screwup lasted right till the end. If it weren't for Akshay's expertise in sound and crisis management skills, I would have been through for the night. I thought I did a good job with the solos, with the exception of "Ariel", during which none of us could hear anything but live drums coming from Benny. All n all, it was a great experience playing in the hometown. The support from the crowd was really inspiring. Now for the next show in November!!!

Firepod - Belgaum's own annual rock event

by analogkidanalogkid 01 Jun 2009 04:02

So after decades in waiting, finally the old town got its own annual rock event. 'Firepod' is the brainchild of my dear friend Amar Kulkarni, who is a drummer living in Pune. This year, Firepe Floyd, od opens with two bands 'Idioteque' and 'NH4'. I will play guitar and sing backing vocals with NH4. NH4 is three-quarters of 'AntiBiotic', one of the earlier bands I used to play in, and my brother Rahul (ex-Dryness Fraction, Paradoxides) on vocals and guitar. We've put together a classic rock set for the show, which is on June 20th in Belgaum. We've got some Hendrix, some Zepellin, some Purple, some Priest and The Who. The practice sessions have been tough because all of us have day jobs and stuff … but fun … great fun!!


by analogkidanalogkid 27 May 2009 15:35

New day, new job and a confident walk into the alien premises … I was the omniscient that day. I didnt know what codified conundrum I was walking into … but somehow I didnt care. I had seen this before. I met the peers, nodded my hellos and nice-to-meet-yous and went by my work, which was all of nothing then. I moved among the daylife, just a god awful mess of busy oblivion. Status quo … a day, a week, a fortnight, a month, where was the challenge to my acumen i was promised?? And then, I needed a smoke. One lucid drag into my world of freedom, which was denied. There she was. Raw, beautiful, disconnected and distressed. Or at least I hoped so. I cracked the ice with the smoke buddy, exchanged plastic pleasantries, summoning all powers to give her the cold shoulder, failing miserably, but eventually coming through in fine style! Most musicians would have written ballads right there in that portico. Me, I was just about nailing the chorus. A day, a week, a fortnight, a month. I am omniscient and blissful!

Queen Illusive

by analogkidanalogkid 10 May 2009 04:59

Been working on a new song for about a week now. Called "Queen Illusive", it is based on a certain amazing friend of mine. I am looking to go with a seven count feel for the main riff, probably because of my complete and total obsession with the progressive bands :)

As I see it, the song will run for about 4 minutes and change, with two main riffs, some fills and one solo. The vocals are something of a challenge, me being not much of a word guy and everything. But this is the first time I feel I have to sit down and hand-pick the best words I can possibly come up with. Should be interesting!!

Happy Birthday Mike Portnoy

by analogkidanalogkid 20 Apr 2009 13:39

Michael Stephen Portnoy, one of the most extreme drummers of modern times turns 42 today!! Mike has been an inspiration to countless upcoming drummers and keeps playing a vital role in keeping prog alive and more then kickin' … but you probably know that already :)

So here's to Mike!! Have a great birthday, Mike and keep the good time(s) rollin'

All DT/LTE/OSI/YMC/HOTG on my playlist today!!!

Happy Birthday Ritchie Blackmore

by analogkidanalogkid 14 Apr 2009 14:39

The Black Baron turns 64 today!! I cant even begin to speak about how much this god of a guitar player has influenced a whole legion of musicians (YJM, Akerfeldt and Akesson and myself to name a few … smirk!) … Im gonna queue up everything Purple and Rainbow and Night that I can churn now!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Blackmore … more brilliant music!!

Email Driven Remote Control

by analogkidanalogkid 11 Apr 2009 15:45

Started writing a script that will start my sundry scripts for me by email. I wanted to explore more DCOP, but it appears that not all programs on my Ubuntu Intrepid are not dcopable. Therefore, I am going to have to use shell … that aint hurtin' :)

Testing now …

Razor ... Metallized!

by analogkidanalogkid 24 Mar 2009 14:24

Finally … I got the sound I was looking for (or did I??) on my Korg Toneworks AX1500G for our little "Razor" rendition … Had been working on this for about three days. The problem: I use Ernie's (9 guage) strings … so if I pulled the A string with my regular patches, I wouldn't hear my pull-offs on "Razor" too well … and to me the pull offs on this song are what largely define the sound to this great song. I had discussed with Sean that Id go with an alternative for this one … play a muted dropped D instead of the pull syllable … but nope … that I find I will not do … so its adios to my current patches … let hope the new patch goes ok …


Rainbow Live At Düsseldorf

by analogkidanalogkid 18 Mar 2009 13:54

Watching Rainbow Live At Düsseldorf. Love the new (old) Rainbow!! Doogie's vocals, Paul's keyboards (especially on "Beethoven"), Chuck's Solo and the Baron's playing throughout … pretty amazing … Must admit though … I like the tape far better (why do they want to play everything double speed> Ill never understand that part) … but then there's the quintessential Rainbow vibe … the interludes … brilliant!! And then there's the whole "Purple Rainbow" thing going there … Purple playing Rainbow songs and Rainbow playing Purple songs ("Perfect Strangers" is on the Düsseldorf show) … I dont think they'll ever make up … and guess what … thats just fine … that feud came up with the best songs from both sides!! Gonna watch "Live In Munich" tomorrow!!
Oh … btw … if you ever wanted to see the "Prince Of Darkness" prostate before the crowd (or for the matter … anyone!!) … watch this show …

"Catch The Rainbow" if you can!!

Purple @ The California Jam '74

by analogkidanalogkid 13 Mar 2009 15:07

This goes back wayyyyy back in my time … I bought this tape while I was still struggling with "Smoke On The Water" … ('course Im still struggling with it!). Immediately, I was taken by Purple's signature live sound … so raw, so heavy, so dramatic … God I wanted to play like The Black Baron right then!! And today Im watching it for the eleventy-eight millionth again on video. Every last goddamned minute of this epic is a lifetime of musical heaven!! Yessir … Ritchie Blackmore … still Number ONE in my book!! Haha, theyd love to hate him till the end of their existence and beyond … but I think they should watch this once …

Take it easy … one riff at a time …


by analogkidanalogkid 09 Mar 2009 14:20

Couple days ago, my friend Sean told me about this song by the Foo Fighters called "Razor". Beautiful piece to listen to and to play. Total pull offs to opens kinda thing. Very cool! So now I am considering metalizing the damned thing!! I might end up bollocksing it but lets see how that goes …

Time to shave.


by analogkidanalogkid 16 Feb 2009 03:29

That was heaven!! Pure damned HEAVEN!!! Me and Amar went to the show together and found that there's nothing like being old in a concert …. especially a MAIDEN concert. Gaining confidence, we entered the mosh for all the openers and while we expected a certain amount of brutality, there was none. So after whooping and getting whooped by fifty odd guys we focussed on Kryptos … yessir theyre tight as ever!! Thereafter was an incredible waste of time, with the exception of Parikrama, who were lucky getting mainstage!!
And then … muscling our way accross legions :), we got just shy of the barricades … though, for me, the wrong side of the stage … the right side … Janick's side … NOT MURRAY'S/SMITH'S side :(

Maiden stuck to the classics ONLY. And though the tour should be in support of the album, it looks like Maiden did their homework and decided to play mostly the old stuff, since the new album appears not to have done too well back here. So in effect, it was like playing "BOTB" from start to finish. But then wait …. they threw in some others too … with every song the people were thrown into orbit … Apart from the afore-mentioned BOTB songs, they played "Phantom Of The Opera", "Iron Maiden", "Evil That Men Do", "Santuary" … But this has gotta be the high point of the concert … especially for me since I was only hoping my guts out for it … "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" people!!!!!! 13 minute song, which is not a regular in the setlist. We could not get lucky like last time (oh yeah … the last Tull show, I got Martin Barre's guitar pick!) … just missed Nicko's sticks by a whisker :( …

Dog tired, came back home scored some suds and food … man oh man … i shouldve asked for the day off today … am suffering from/enjoying every last element of post-show trauma …

up the irons!!

More Top Solos!!

by analogkidanalogkid 12 Feb 2009 14:54

Hehe … nothing to do … trying to think (and have the balls to write) about my favorite solos … the updates on this are …

Daniel J - On "Lakeside Park" (Subdivisions - A Tribute To Rush)
Glenn Tipton - On "Beyond The Realms Of Death" (Stained Class, Metal Meltdown 1998)

These tapes are what I been listening to for about a half week now …

Hehe … what a waste of a post aint it?


Caught The Rainbow ... Some Shades Anyway

by analogkidanalogkid 06 Feb 2009 18:13

Just got a copy of "Catch The Rainbow - A Tribute To Rainbow" … and its incredible … loved the work especially on "Kill The King", "Lost In Hollywood" (the keyboard solo), "Catch The Rainbow" and "I Surrender" (for incredible vocals), and guitar work over the album, but wait … mouthfuls of salt with what happened with guitars on "Stargazer" (yeah I know … its GOTTA BE YJM and None other!!!) …

But, this is a great listen guys … if you are looking for a(nother) tribalbum … this is a good pick.


Paulitely Polite

by analogkidanalogkid 30 Jan 2009 06:59

A long time ago, I decided to write/record a song for my high school batch (St. Paul High School, 1993). Never worked on it regularly and this started bothering me. So ….
Whoo-hoo … three days non-stop writing and recording (thanks to something I ate, which kept me out of work for a couple days) and finally I have the Paulite song. Entitled "Paulitely Polite", the song clocks at 4:50 in its R N R form and about 10:00 in its more progressive rendition.

Structure is simple:

The end solo is a total pentatonic blues with a wah effect going. The interlude is what I liked the most. Very metal. I had my dear buddies record their voices, which I mixed (and am still mixing) as audio samples ala DT. Great fun!!

ESP LTD MG-550 Stratocaster
ESP LTD MH-250 Stratocaster
Korg ToneWorks AX100G
Korg ToneWorks AX1500G
Zoom MRS-4 Multi-track Mixer Recorder
HP Pavilion DV2600 Series lappy.
And a shite load of crazies all in one place … the Re-union which happened in December!!

Hope I can share the song with everyone somehow and soon!!


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