72 Hoyt Street

Seventy-two Hoyt Street was our residence in Kearny, New Jersey during my education; I studied at the College Of Computing Sciences at NJIT. 72 was not a house; it was home to several different kinds of perspectives on several different subjects, though music took top priority. We were and are huge fans of Dream Theater and Symphony X. I think "Odyssey" was playing incessantly at home for about eight months. And like a dream come true, we got a chance to see these two bands live; and like a dream that generally does not come true, we got a chance to meet the guys of Symphony X! Man oh man, what an experience it was!! I don't believe we can ever stop talking about it.

Hoyt was also the place where I did some cool implementations of information retrieval ideas, which I had been working on. Sadly, Python was nopt yet on the scene :(

We also started a site later on, it is at http://72hoytstreet.net. Check out the blog there.

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