Bands I Support

Ever since I returned to India in 2004, I took keen interest in following the great bands this country has produced. And although I immensely dig most of them, I have supported (actively or otherwise) the following …

Ministry Of Blues

I saw the Ministry at the Oktober Fest of 2006 for the first time, and was blown by their tight performance of several songs by artists like Hendrix, The Doobie Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pink Floyd, Deep Puple and Robben Ford. They are an amazing four-piece band playing blues-rock, and each of them has quite a resume! If you are in town, just hope the MOB is whacking a venue! Meanwhile, check them out at


It was late 2004, when me and Satchit came across Motherjane's "Insane Biography". We instantly felt the bash!! Each song on that album a masterpiece, each musician in that band, a wizard in his right, Motherjane contnues to aquire legions of fans (Janeheads) across India. Check them out at Also, their new album "Maktub" was e-launched a while ago. You can download it and pay as you please. So go right ahead!

Thermal And A Quarter

TAAQ - An extremely fluid band, a fine amalgamation of technical brilliance and amazing compositions. I dont think any musicio in this town has missed TAAQ. I sure as hell haven't!! Ive seen these guys a thousand times and every time theyve blown me away! Band like no other! Enough said!! They are at

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