by analogkidanalogkid 06 Jan 2009 09:27

Finally finished renovating our home!! Its quite a task Ill tell you … especially if you are working and don't get to sit at home and oversee the process with a whip in your hand!! This thing never ends!! Moment you finish one task, up come three others!!

We basically tore down our home and built it again. Of course, we kept load bearing structures intact :) So now I have a decently sized living room, complete with a fine carpet my parents got for me. I am still building a permanent place for my rig. But then I do need a TV and a music system and my computer in the vicinity … so I guess I will have to buy another set of all of these! Like I said, its never over!!

Guitar Maintenance A Rip Off

by analogkidanalogkid 08 Nov 2008 16:33

Spoke with my brother. He is getting his entire stratocaster pickup system replaced. He is thinking of buying one of those pre-wired pickup systems that you just fix on your guitar, without having to go through the trying wiring process. And guess what kinda money they charge for getting any work done on your instrument? A whopping 50 dollars an hour!! Damn!!
Selva should hear this!! (Selva defined: Your average guitar maintenance guy from the neighborhood who does not specialize in stringed instruments of any kind.) … so I asked my brother to ask the guy if the same charges be applied to the installation in question. Wouldn't be surprised if they are.

MOB At Josephs

by analogkidanalogkid 08 Nov 2008 05:32

The Ministry Of Blues performs today at the St. Joseph's College on Brigade Road. The band has included lots of new songs in their set-list. Can't wait for it. Beers in the fridge, cause its gonna be tiring!!

Review tonite.

Shite Happens

by analogkidanalogkid 05 Nov 2008 19:30

Darn, what a night! I hired this agency to move my furniture to my new old home. These guys were awesome! Heap load of stuff took about 15 minutes to load into this Tata 407. I thought it would take ages. Out in the truck, this rather novice driver with a fake license (you read that) drives through the parking area and brings down a couple sheets covering cars in the lot … Boom! Twenty security officers show up, beat the shite out of the kid, keep him under custody and seize the truck. All this started at about 8:15 PM. Meanwhile Im heading out over to Airport Road at about 11:45 PM! What should've taken 2 hours max took us 4!! Anyways … all's well that ended well …

New Marshall

by analogkidanalogkid 02 Nov 2008 08:18

So … this weekend I went out and did something that almost every guitar player wants to do at least once in his/her life … buy a Marshall!! Mine's not one of those behemoth amplifiers seen as walls behind our guitar gods on stage … mine's a 30 watt combo … a Marshall MG 30 DFX …

All that talk about the "distinctive Marshall sound" you keep hearing about … guess what … its all true. This thing is really far out!! You'll be surprised how silent the Marshall is even at high volumes! Also, if you thought 30 watts is not loud enough, it is amazing the kinds of decibels you can generate with 30 watts!! I think I can level the block and all its gullies with it!! The digital effects may not impress someone coming out of digital multi-effect processors, since the Marshall MG 30 DFX does not (and I haven't gone through the forums about this) support concurrent effects. But independently, the FX are great, though I miss the discrete dial for the digital effects on the amp. You'll never know when you went from a high reverb to a low delay, a high delay to a low chorus and a high chorus to a low flanger … sigh! Crunch-wise, thoroughly satisfying for me!! I need to sit down with this and both my instruments (Bloodiness is ill with viral … must take it to the "doctor") and experiment and uncover tones that I like … and maybe some new ones I never knew Id like!!

All and all … fantastic amplifier, love playing it, and I think the digital processors can take a well deserved break for a while! Later on, I shall try my hand at using them along with the Marshall …

And here is a pic …



by analogkidanalogkid 01 Nov 2008 02:22

This is really cool. Holophonics!! It is to sound what Holography is to pictures. Simply stupendous. After listening to it, I just wanted to convert lots of the music I have into holophonic! I wish :(

Google for "holophonics" and hear (or rather, listen) for yourself.

Oh btw, Pink Floyd's "Final Cut" has this technique used on "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert" … brilliant!!

Dire Straits

by analogkidanalogkid 30 Oct 2008 09:42

Saw a great video on youtube where kids from a rather obscure Indian town played "Down To The Waterline by Dire Straits. These guys made me go back and listen to the Straits, once a staple for me. And hell, while I was at it, I decided to start playing it as well!! Let's see how this goes.

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