Firepod - Belgaum's own annual rock event

So after decades in waiting, finally the old town got its own annual rock event. 'Firepod' is the brainchild of my dear friend Amar Kulkarni, who is a drummer living in Pune. This year, Firepe Floyd, od opens with two bands 'Idioteque' and 'NH4'. I will play guitar and sing backing vocals with NH4. NH4 is three-quarters of 'AntiBiotic', one of the earlier bands I used to play in, and my brother Rahul (ex-Dryness Fraction, Paradoxides) on vocals and guitar. We've put together a classic rock set for the show, which is on June 20th in Belgaum. We've got some Hendrix, some Zepellin, some Purple, some Priest and The Who. The practice sessions have been tough because all of us have day jobs and stuff … but fun … great fun!!

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