That was heaven!! Pure damned HEAVEN!!! Me and Amar went to the show together and found that there's nothing like being old in a concert …. especially a MAIDEN concert. Gaining confidence, we entered the mosh for all the openers and while we expected a certain amount of brutality, there was none. So after whooping and getting whooped by fifty odd guys we focussed on Kryptos … yessir theyre tight as ever!! Thereafter was an incredible waste of time, with the exception of Parikrama, who were lucky getting mainstage!!
And then … muscling our way accross legions :), we got just shy of the barricades … though, for me, the wrong side of the stage … the right side … Janick's side … NOT MURRAY'S/SMITH'S side :(

Maiden stuck to the classics ONLY. And though the tour should be in support of the album, it looks like Maiden did their homework and decided to play mostly the old stuff, since the new album appears not to have done too well back here. So in effect, it was like playing "BOTB" from start to finish. But then wait …. they threw in some others too … with every song the people were thrown into orbit … Apart from the afore-mentioned BOTB songs, they played "Phantom Of The Opera", "Iron Maiden", "Evil That Men Do", "Santuary" … But this has gotta be the high point of the concert … especially for me since I was only hoping my guts out for it … "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" people!!!!!! 13 minute song, which is not a regular in the setlist. We could not get lucky like last time (oh yeah … the last Tull show, I got Martin Barre's guitar pick!) … just missed Nicko's sticks by a whisker :( …

Dog tired, came back home scored some suds and food … man oh man … i shouldve asked for the day off today … am suffering from/enjoying every last element of post-show trauma …

up the irons!!

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