So after some nice jams and practice sessions, we finally played the show in the hometown. This was the setlist:

"Billy Jean":
Rahul and Akshay played a juicy rendition of the Michael Jackson song with Akshay playing acoustic guitar and singing in his awesome voice, and Rahul playing driven fills and singing a mean harmony.

We had Tanisha singing Meredith Brooke's "Bitch" with the rest of the band. Tanisha is a very talented singer and has a naturally high pitched, smooth voice. Looking forward to jamming some more with her.

"Smoke On The Water"
"Living Loving Maid"
"Rock N Roll"
"Coming Back To Life"
"Summertime Blues"
"Come Together"
"Day Tripper"
"Can I Play With Madness?"
"Rocka Rolla"
"Wind Dance With Fire"

Right after "SOTW", my DI box started acting up and the screwup lasted right till the end. If it weren't for Akshay's expertise in sound and crisis management skills, I would have been through for the night. I thought I did a good job with the solos, with the exception of "Ariel", during which none of us could hear anything but live drums coming from Benny. All n all, it was a great experience playing in the hometown. The support from the crowd was really inspiring. Now for the next show in November!!!

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