New day, new job and a confident walk into the alien premises … I was the omniscient that day. I didnt know what codified conundrum I was walking into … but somehow I didnt care. I had seen this before. I met the peers, nodded my hellos and nice-to-meet-yous and went by my work, which was all of nothing then. I moved among the daylife, just a god awful mess of busy oblivion. Status quo … a day, a week, a fortnight, a month, where was the challenge to my acumen i was promised?? And then, I needed a smoke. One lucid drag into my world of freedom, which was denied. There she was. Raw, beautiful, disconnected and distressed. Or at least I hoped so. I cracked the ice with the smoke buddy, exchanged plastic pleasantries, summoning all powers to give her the cold shoulder, failing miserably, but eventually coming through in fine style! Most musicians would have written ballads right there in that portico. Me, I was just about nailing the chorus. A day, a week, a fortnight, a month. I am omniscient and blissful!

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