Queen Illusive lyrics (WIP)

The ice in her glass has melted,
She hasnt had a reason to smile
so she starts to gaze out the window
For a clearer sky, and in reply, its been raining

The walls in my room are comforting
I havent had a reason to frown
so I start to look,
For a duller afternoon, but very soon, she arrives

Queen! this is my court and you are convicted
Crime! bringing the filth of my past is blasphemous
Guard! let him see nothing but hate and disappointment
Hail! Merciful Queen my just-ice-be-done!!

Grabbing her mind, her demons remind her of horrors she'll befall
Running to her past, Queen Illusive on her throne in the hall

Queen! how can that be your immaculate decision
Please! careful in weighing my simple intentions
Shell! how can i make you see through this conundrum
Strength!! must keep my belief from falling apart

My love has gone against me
My lady cant I be spared
Cause all that I ever did was cared

"There is hope still, there is hope …"


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