Rainbow Live At Düsseldorf

Watching Rainbow Live At Düsseldorf. Love the new (old) Rainbow!! Doogie's vocals, Paul's keyboards (especially on "Beethoven"), Chuck's Solo and the Baron's playing throughout … pretty amazing … Must admit though … I like the tape far better (why do they want to play everything double speed> Ill never understand that part) … but then there's the quintessential Rainbow vibe … the interludes … brilliant!! And then there's the whole "Purple Rainbow" thing going there … Purple playing Rainbow songs and Rainbow playing Purple songs ("Perfect Strangers" is on the Düsseldorf show) … I dont think they'll ever make up … and guess what … thats just fine … that feud came up with the best songs from both sides!! Gonna watch "Live In Munich" tomorrow!!
Oh … btw … if you ever wanted to see the "Prince Of Darkness" prostate before the crowd (or for the matter … anyone!!) … watch this show …

"Catch The Rainbow" if you can!!

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