My Band

I started playing with Vapor Trails in late 2004. We are a three-piece (of course) Rush Tribute band.

I met Karthik Janakiraman at a Coffee Day in Indiranagar one day and found that he was almost a replica of myself! Of course, he is double my height and half the girth :) He comes out of the classic rock and a little out of the i-want-to-be-in-megadeth bit. After he heard Rush, he picked up his bass again and styled his voice to fit the Geddy texture. And boy, has he pulled it off!! What I like most about Karthik is his bass-playing and overall approach toward playing. He does not see 'cant-play' as an option. He will go days on end without rest till he nails whatever it is he wants to play. Yeah, "Mr Junkie" is a perfectionist.

Chetan "Baby Neil" Rao was fourteen when me and Karthik met up with him via a fellow Rush fan. He comes out of a lot of pop, classic rock and early metal music. Chetan likes to be known as a "feel" drummer, though he could safely be known as "Oberheim DMX" instead :) I find Chetan's approach very interesting and logical too. He sees everything as a technique, a library item, which he seeks to reuse every time he practices or jams. I don't remember a distinct, typical piece of drumming from him. He always mixes and matches. When he heard Portnoy's drumming on "Working Man" and the way Mike uses drum pieces from other Rush songs in some other Rush songs seamlessly, he started making an effort himself, and has been, IMHO, immensely successful.

We haven't played together in a while because of work-related travel and other such banalities, though we can't entirely pronounce ourselves as "dead". Meanwhile, we are playing individually, a lot of other kinds of music. The Kid is playing some metal, I am playing rock and J is playing other Rush songs with some newly acquired gear :)

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