"Ama Do It"

When I was "In The Mood", I studied quite a bit about dcop (more precisely, in the context of python-amarok), I wrote a mini remote controller for amarok with wx and python for shites and giggles. Some months later, when I became a decent mobile snake wrangler, I decided to juice my Nokia N73 a bit more. So now I have this very small bluetooth-based amarok remote controller called "Ytsejam" (because that name is original and nobody else could have possibly thought about it \oo/ ). Ytsejam is based on PyS60s socket/appuifw API and has a server app (once the mini controller, stripped off its UI), which processes commands over bluetooth sent by a client (N73) and pushes them to amarok via dcop.

Here is the amarok server code.
And here is the client (on phone) provided you have the snake on there.
Need I mention that you have to have your python dcop bindings, and PyBluez in place? Also, you'll need to change your bt addr for the adapter on your computer in the client.

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