Cellular Snakes

So I went out and got me a N Series Nokia a while ago (N73). I had not really planned this, but what else does a guy do when he accidentally drop his phone into the shite-pot?? No really … I ain't talking shite!! Luckily enough, I had flushed the bowl clean before it all happened. So my good old Nokia gave up and I couldn't transmit voice anymore. So I thought I should buy me a "cool" phone this time round. The N73 is a pretty neat instrument. Apart from being a music player (I know … iPod still rulz!!), a camera, an office assistant, a web browser/email/blogger client, it also makes phone calls and sends SMS. So when I was considering a purchase, I had to go through about 2 millions different types of phone. And then I gave up and just bought something "popular". Of course, there were some other things that drew me to it. Guido's comments on the Python For Series 60 effort at MobiLenin.

First foray into Python on Symbian. And boy, is that a treat! Install the S60 Platform on the PC, write and test your Python scripts using an emulator, move them to the phone via Bluetooth/Data Cable, and the thing is a snake-pit!! Haven't done much in this yet. Just looking for some goodies that Ill need to start working with this. Here's some resources and screen-shots…

1. Nokia Forums (Tools and SDKs)
2. A nice comparison between Python and other tools for Series 60.
3. Jurgen Scheible's tutorial for PyS60.
4. PED - A full-featured Python IDE for Nokia S60 platform.

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