In The Mood

So after my progressive rock news aggregator "Rocinante", me and Rambo started working with another nifty thang … apart from all the snooker that we've been indulging in :)

This new tool, called "In The Mood" (another RUSH song!!), lets you set your "mood-range" (which is a range between two colours) and generates a playlist of mp3 files from the music collection on your computer. "In-the-mood" uses this kick-ass plugin called the "moodbar", which is used by this great Linux music manager/player called "Amarok". It expresses the "mood" for a certain song as a colour.

In-the-mood lets you generate playlists, gauges the overall "mood" of your collection, suggests related music in your collection (it lets you grow or shrink your list), gauges the mood of all files in a certain location (read folder), and so forth …

A screen-shot of the rudimentary user interface people …

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