Welcome To Analog Kid's Cyber Home


Hi! My name is Ajay J. Deshpande and I fancy "Analog Kid" because of my obsession toward Rush. I am an open-source (python, zope, plone specifically) developer, a guitar player, a movie buff and a budding music critic living in Bangalore, India.


  • Python programming for web (Zope, Plone), gui applications for desktop (wxPython) and for Series 60 cellphones.
  • Music … listening, appreciating, critiquing, playing, playing and did I mention it?? Playing!
  • Movies. Specifically "artsy", "parallel" and such other widely accepted misnomers.
  • Home recording. I record music I play at home and someday hopefully will get educated formally in this area.
  • Supporting the great bands in Bangalore. Check out "Bands I support".
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